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Fantastic from the #GTFC faithful. We have our club back. Let’s keep smashing records in any way possible! #GTFO https://t.co/0OWOvSapc5
Tweeted 4 hours ago by GTFansOnline
Just a start. Over 4,000 followers and 1,400 members is still not enough. Keep joining yourselves (Β£1 month) and your children (Β£5 year). Together we are stronger!! UTM #GTFC https://t.co/FTbv4Ob0PX
Tweeted 4 hours ago by onthisGTFCday
Incredible effort from all those involved πŸ‘πŸΌ #GTFC https://t.co/IKMPiVFXds
Tweeted 5 hours ago by officialgtfc
Fantastic effort #gtfc fans! https://t.co/8fOKu2WZZT
Tweeted 5 hours ago by BroadleyFC
πŸŽ‰ Well you did it!! πŸŽ‰ Record βœ… An incredible rise in memberships has seen us surpass our previous record of 1400!! You are incredible πŸ–€πŸ€ #GTFC https://t.co/yyKfDxDlJp
Tweeted 5 hours ago by MarinersTrust
Who is going to be the one, (or two) to help the Trust break the record!! #gtfc @officialgtfc https://t.co/QS6IPFMZZ5
Tweeted 5 hours ago by GiGrimsbyNews
Watched this so so so many times #GTFC https://t.co/2hcejFDWfG
Tweeted 5 hours ago by OliverSwaby1
@GTFCPlayerPics @officialgtfc Certainly left his mark. Arguably #GTFC’s first new hero after the demise of the late 70’s/early 80’s sides. Looked woefully out of his depth at times but absolutely majestic on other occasions. Passed on too soon. RIP Big Keith πŸ™Œ
Tweeted 5 hours ago by Premierseafoods
Am I going to have to go to bed knowing full well that we are just 2 short of beating our all time record of @MarinersTrust members?!? At this point, I don’t care if your pet gerbil joins- just get us to 1400 please!!! #GTFC #UTM
Tweeted 5 hours ago by sandii_lou
The future looks bright. It looks black and white #GTFC πŸ–€πŸ€ https://t.co/PjHTWpFgfb
Tweeted 5 hours ago by mrwilldouglas

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May 8Cambridge United-1 - -1A
May 1Port Vale-1 - -1H
Apr 24Oldham Athletic-1 - -1A
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Jul 1Tranmere RoversH
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